My project is made using the visual programming environment TouchDesigner from Derivative. 

    Important! TouchDesigner is not a free platform. However, no one will charge you for non-commercial use. There will be one limitation in operation (the image resolution from your camera will be no more than 1280x720, even if the camera is FullHD), but this will not affect productivity in any way. If you intend to use EasyFollowSpot in commercial projects, please purchase the appropriate license on the Derivative website. Please note that you need TouchPlayer to run projects. It is half the price of TouchDesigner.

Minimum system requirements for TouchDesigner:

Operational SystemMicrosoft Windows 8.1
CPUIntel i3+, AMD  ii x4 955+
GPUNvidia GeForce 600+, AMD HD 7000+, Intel HD4000, HD5000+ 
Video Memory1 Gb+
DiskHDD, SSD (it will require about 4 Gb of disk space)

  In addition to EasyFollowSpot, the installer now includes EasyTimecodePlayer - an excellent tool for playing music tracks with support of MTC (timecode sent via the MIDI protocol) and/or LTC (timecode according to the SMPTE standard).


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