Let's get acquainted!

My name is Dmitry Karabetsky.
I am a Lighting Designer and Director of Photography.
I live and work in the city of Almaty (Kazakhstan). For about 10 years in the show industry, before that there was a large stage of TV series, films and advertising, but this is of little interest to me now. I am a software engineer by education  and, in fact, this explains everything ...

    A tracking light device, otherwise - a followspot is a very necessary class of equipment in our profession. But  this type of equipment is outdated. Yes, exactly! 2020 , and we still use huge things, that need to be twisted, tilted, moved levers. Tesla has an autopilot on board. And we have levers to open the intensity or adjust the zoom. In addition, these things are very expensive.

    But! I don't want to use a classic followspot. Even if it's a very expensive model. This is a huge heap of iron that still needs to be dragged to the right position (under the disapproving views of the people who do this), bring special power, establish intercom with the operator and not have any opportunity to quickly change very accurately selected values ​ ​ of intensity or beam parameters.

    As modern practice shows - the industry has found a solution. Why not turn a fixture that is already mounted on the truss into a followspot? Moreover, the power and optical system of modern fixtures allows you to do this. There are different solutions on the market - this is a full-fledged control console with levers and a monitor that you need to turn/move/tilt. There are computer solutions. Complex, differently licensed, with the need to purchase additional proprietary equipment.

    At this stage, I remembered my specialty and thought... Why not to make a universal, simple system for these tasks by myself? After all, all the necessary requirements for the software have long been developed by me in the process of work on different locations. Well, and... you see the result and, hopefully, use it in your daily work.

But still...
Why is it free?

   I'm not going to turn my software development into a profession. I really like what I do. I will not make a detailed manual for my software, create a serious structure for user support, and a lot of extra work invented by modern marketers. I made a very convenient tool first of all for myself. Well, if there are other people who will appreciate my software and use it, I will only be happy. 

One last thing.....

    It may sound a little naive, but I believe in the cycle of everything in nature. A simple formula: give something, received something. In most cases, much more than I gave away.

Almost everything.

    If you still want to support my development with money, don't get rid of it!  And..... Thank you!


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